PTSD and the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

Katie Henry, the Coordinator of Education Initiatives & Resources, at the New Jersey Vietnam Era Museum and Education Center, provided a long list of activities and programs that the museum has for audiences with PTSD.

  • we have over 50 Vietnam veteran tour guides who speak about their experiences as a form of therapy for their PTSD.  Many of the veterans often state that they were unable to talk about their experience for over 40 years and they now see the opportunity to talk to students as a way to promote their legacy.  These tour guides led over 10,000 students a year in addition to other tours for multigenerational audiences.”
  • “There have been lectures that focused on PTSD in the past…However, PTSD is usually discussed in most of our lectures seen many of our lectures are led by Vietnam veterans even if it is not the main focus.”
  • “Our permanent exhibit also has a small section on PTSD and… we have resources about PTSD on our website.  We also have PTSD support groups here every month.  They use our space and often schedule their meetings when we have a lecture/event so they can attend.”
  • “We also have a Resource Library that has an extensive collection of books on the topic of PTSD that are available to our visitors.”
  • “We actually have a three day workshop that will take place next week that helps with PTSD.  It is called the Combat Paper Project.  It is a traveling exhibit and workshop program that was started by Iraqi veterans in which veterans take their uniform or another personal artifact and make it into pulp to form paper.  This creates a new artistic medium and is meant to help participants reconcile their military experience”
  • “We are also interested in hosting this workshop to promote younger veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to come to our museum.  I am eager to promote our museum as a community center which is something that has been becoming more and more an important mission to museums”

For more information about these programs and the museum, check out their website.


One response to “PTSD and the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

  1. I love the idea of recyling uniforms to create media for art. I also love the idea of warrior to artist. Art therapy is very effective for many ailments and I think could provide a “safe” way for folks with PTSD to process their feelings. Cool.

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